Skin Testing

New Colourstart Passports At The Salon Langley Park

At The Salon, Langley Park, we follow a colour responsible policy for the safety of our clients and peace of mind of our stylists. Our highly trained stylists carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding skin testing.

We are constantly updating our policies and procedures around this issue to ensure we conform to comply with the strict guidance from suppliers & our insurance companies.

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Hair Colour Skin Testing

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, there are even more reasons why you will need a skin test. Everyone MUST have a skin test - there are NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Individuals who have had Coronavirus as there has been an increase in people becoming sensitive to hair colour.

People who have coloured their hair at home.

Those who have not visited the salon for 6 months or longer.

Clients who are new to The Salon and would like their hair coloured.

As before, we will still be offering FREE – in house Allergy Alert Tests (ATT skin tests). We will give you instructions on what to look out for in case of an allergic reaction.

Purchase your Colour Start passport here. 

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What Is A Colourstart Passport?

The Salon is working alongside Colourstart who will send clients a plaster-type patch which you apply to your arm to test for allergies to PPD which is usually found in hair colourants. You can then upload your results via the Colourstart App which will advise you whether you are safe to continue with hair colour. It can be used to test for allergy to PPD and you can repeat the Colourstart test if you are switching to a new hair colour product.

Participating hair professionals will recognise and accept the Colourstart test result, so you will not need to be screened for allergy before your colour appointment, unlocking walk-in colour appointments.

Full instructions on how to use the Colourstart skin testing plaster can be found here. Once you have applied your skin testing patch, simply upload the details onto the Colour Passport App. Once you have completed the questions you will get one of three answers:

01Go ahead! You can colour your hair now, without needing to use Colourstart.

02Hang on! Colourstart is suitable to use before colouring your hair.

03Think again! You may not be suitable for Colourstart or hair colour. If you are unsure about what to do, you may wish to consult a pharmacist or doctor.

You can download the patient information guide here.

When Should I Use Colourstart Passport?

If you are planning to book a professional hair colour service at The Salon, Langley Park in Durham, you may be required to complete a Passport prior to booking an appointment.

Please note that there is no skin test we can do to test for sensitivity to scalp bleach application. 

How To Use A Colourstart Passport

How Often Do I Need A Test?

Every time you require a hair colour service simply go into the app and fill in the form to see whether Colour Passport requires you to perform a new test.  If it tells you to retest, you will be required to purchase a new test.

Why Do I Have To Pay For The New Colourstart Passport?

The Colourstart Passport has been classed as a medicine by the Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory agency and by law medicines have to be charged for. The Colourstart passport costs £15. You can purchase this from the salon directly or via our online shop here.   

We understand that our customers are used to not having to pay a fee for skin testing, therefore we are offering a £5 DISCOUNT on your first two hair colour appointments following your test. Your passport must be registered online by you in order for us to access your information & give a discounted hair colouring service.

If you wish to proceed, please download the Colourstart Passport app here.  Make sure you select The Salon as your salon of choice!

Visit The Salon Langley Park, A Colour Responsible Salon In Durham

For further information on our skin testing procedures or to chat with one of our experienced hair colourists at The Salon, Langley Park, call us on 0191 373 3366. You can also pop us a message via our Facebook page here.

Read more on why you shouldn’t skip the skin test here.  

Colourstart Skin Testing - FAQ's

Signing up and ongoing screening of the passport is free. The colourstart test is £15. You can purchase this from our Durham hair salon, or via our online shop here
Colourstart has been registered and approved by the MHRA, subsequently, we have to follow the new guidelines. This test is different from the previous transparent skin tests and is supported by the Colourstart passport.    Your details will now be securely held on your passport, subsequent colour services only require screening of your passport which normally should only take a few minutes. Potentially you could make an appointment and have your hair coloured on the same day if after filling in the questions online via the app your results say you are good to go. 
You are in control of your passport and therfore your testing and screening. It is confidential, we only get to see your result if you choose to share it with us (Which you will be required to if you book a hair colouring service). You can use your passport for any colouring service in any salon. The same test can be used for various beauty treatments as well.        
If you are pregnant or have dermatitis you can not test with Colourstart. Please speak with your stylist about having an Allergy Alert Test (ATT) at the salon. 
You need to have a skin test at least 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment. There is no charge for this type of skin testing and it will only take a few minutes, your colourist will simply dab a little bit of colour behind your ear or the fold of the elbow to check for adverse reactions. 
Reactions to hair colour can be serious and even life threatening. There are strict guidelines set by manufacturers, insurers and industry bodies around the use of hair colour. We endeavour to give you peace of mind so that you can safely enjoy your salon visit. 
We use screening to monitor the need for testing you before your service. If nothing has changed since your last test and we have a valid record (typically withing the past 6 months) it will be ok to proceed with your service. 
One of the triggers for sensitivity and reactions to hair colour is exposure over time, therefore it is important we keep monitoring for your safety. The Salon is committed to your safety and uses only the best products and methods for hair colouring.