Bank Holiday OLAPLEX Special Offer

Bank Holiday OLAPLEX Special Offer

Introducing OLAPLEX The Answer to All of Your Hair Dreams – Available Now at The Salon, Langley Park…

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Ever dyed your hair or opted for some highlights over summer only to find that your ends have been completely ruined?

Have you ever wondered how those celebrities dye their hair 50-shades-of-every-colour-other-than-grey and yet it still looks lush, shiny and healthy?

We’re talking Kim Kardashian going from basically black to platinum overnight. How on earth do they do it?!

How doesn’t their hair fall out or break off… Maybe they all wear wigs? No. We know the secret. It’s a little somethin’ something’ called Olaplex!

Whatever the hair colour of your dreams, it may well be possible (with little to no damage) thanks to Olaplex. From lightened ends, platinum blonde locks or even technicolour pastel shades. Even if you’re not a colour chameleon, you too can reap the benefits of Olaplex.

Olaplex No. 3 – Hair Perfector is an in-salon and take-home conditioning treatment that has been designed to strengthen the hair between chemical colour services. What’s more, it will work wonders for girls (and guys!) with virgin-locks, too. Think of it as your favourite hair-treatment or the world’s greatest conditioner, supercharged.

Ciaran explains that Olaplex No. 3 “makes your hair stronger and more resilient. Even if you don’t colour your hair – everyday styling and the daily stress your hair goes through means that your hair needs to be looked after. Add Olaplex No.3 to your weekly home care for extra strength and to ensure your hair is in the best state to look it’s best all the time”.