Revolutionary Semi-Permanent Hair Straightening at The Salon, Langley Park

Are you fed up with straightening your hair every day?

Suffering from unruly, frizzy, damaged hair?

We have the solution! Introducing the innovative Keratin Smoothing Treatment to our hair salon in Durham also known as the ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’.This miracle treatment not only smoothes and straightens your hair, to save you precious styling time, but it is specially formulated to rebuild weakened hair.

Keratin Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment beforeKeratin Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment after

So, How Does Brazilian Keratin Work?

The amazing Keratin Hair Treatment works as a shield around the hair shaft, protecting it from humidity and sunlight where keratin can often be lost. Exclusively made for professionals to transform dull frizzy hair into smooth and velvety, the results of this treatment last for up to two months! It also helps to restore and strengthen the hair, as frequent heat treatments are not needed. Oh, and did we mention that it makes the constant hassle of blow drying and hair straightening disappear?!

Brazilian Keratin Benefits

  • Same day results (No waiting 3 days)
  • Straightens hair for upto 2 months
  • Can be done on ALL hair types
  • Gives a healthy looking-shine
  • More manageable to dry
  • Anti frizz treatment



“We have been using various Brazilian Straightening Systems for over seven years now, and this Brazilian Keratin Treatment far exceeds any other systems on the market at the present time.This particular line has already been improved a few times in the two years we have been working with it.

At The Salon, we are using this Keratin Treatment on around 30 clients every two months, and so we see the amazing results first hand. This has boosted our clientèle dramatically as they love the results so much they are returning frequently to maintain the glossy, sleek result which they are unable to find elsewhere. The demand has become so great that we have concluded there is a necessity for this kind of keratin treatment in todays UK market. Give it a go today!”

Q & A’s

I would love a Brazilian Keratin treatment, but I don’t want to lose the volume at the root of my hair, what can I do?

Don’t panic! You can still have a Brazilian Keratin treatment, but to prevent the loss of volume in the roots, we would avoid applying the Anti-Volume treatment on the roots. After shampooing the hair would be blow-dryed with body and volume .

How old can you be to have a Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment at The Salon?

Ultimately its down to you and how comfortable you feel but we would say that 16 years and up are suitable to have a Brazilian Keratin treatment. It normally takes two hours. Good ventilation is as always very important.

Can I have a Nov’Max Keratin treatment if I am Pregnant?

Ultimately its down to you and how comfortable you feel but after the First Trimester (the first 3 months), a Pregnant client can have a Brazilian Keratin treatment. Good ventilation is as always very important.

I often swim. Can I have a Brazilian Keratin treatment?

Yes you can, but the Brazilian Keratin treatment will not last as long due to the effects of the Chlorine. What we would suggest is to have a Brazilian Keratin mini-treatment which can be done every 5 or so weeks, it is quicker to apply with very similar results but not as long lasting.

What after-care is needed?

We recommend whatever shampoo and conditioners you already enjoy using at home. If for whatever reason the treatment comes out a little too quick, then we would recommend having a mini treatment or a Brazilian Keratin treatment a little sooner when needed rather than spending money on the Sulphate Free products.

Can the Brazilian Keratin products damage my hair?

Simply, no. A Brazilian Keratin products do not damage the hair, if damage is caused this is only due to the over exposure of heat from the straightening irons. To prevent damage on fine or fragile areas, for example around the front of the face, bright highlights at the top and damage at the ends, do not go over the areas more than 2-3 times with the straightening irons.

Can I have my hair coloured or highlighted before a Brazilian Keratin treatment?

Yes, it is recommended to have any colour or highlights done before a Brazilian Keratin treatment, this is due to colour being applied after the treatment may strip out some of the Brazilian Keratin and weaken the results.

Can I have my hair curled for a night out after having a Brazilian Keratin treatment?

Yes, at any time. Afterwards when washed, the hair will return back to the wonderful results of a Brazilian Keratin treatment.

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  1. hi there I live in the durham area and have been thinking about having a Brazilian blowout. I have wavy hair just below my shoulders, to be honest its not that’s its unmanageable its just that I would love it to look good all the time with out hours of blowdrying. is the best way for me to do this to come in for a consult also do you have a roundabout cost. thank you hope to hear from you soon Elaine egginton

    1. Hi Elaine, sorry for the late reply. Yes, we would always recommend to come in for a consultation before a service so we can ensure the service you’ve requested will meet your specific hair needs, also we would be able to give you a better estimation of price. That said however, usually our Brazilian Blow dry is charged at £65.00 (not including cut) but sometimes the price can go up a little depending on how thick/long the hair is. Thanks, hope to speak soon.
      Clare, The Salon

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