Specialist Hair Treatments

Specialist Hair Treatments available at The Salon, Langley Park

REDKEN Diamond Oil: One of our amazing Specialist Hair Treatments available at The Salon, Langley Park.

Experience the comprehensive range of Specialist Hair Treatments available at our Durham Hair Salon.

Our incredible hair treatments are tailored towards specific hair types, covering everything from unruly, frizzy hair all the way to fine, thinning hair in need of an extra boost.

Starting at just £3.95 – you should not miss out on this incredible service! Check out which Specialist Hair Treatment is for you below;


Cost | £3.95
Removal of product build-up from the hair shaft, a deep cleansing for hair and scalp and a soothing prescriptive conditioner.

Super Charge Detox +

Cost | £4.95
Removal of product build up and impurities like minerals and silicones. A crystal gel that penetrates deep into the cortex leaving the hair like a blank canvas allowing re-constructor and conditioner to work much better and colour to penetrate more into the cuticle giving better colour results and better longevity of the colour (sometimes its not what we put on the hair to make a difference but what we remove from the hair. 2 step is a miracle repair light conditioner to close the cuticle allow hair to flow more freely.

Thirst Quencher

Cost | £3.95
Moisture Shampoo and heavy balm with shea butter and algea from the bottom of the ocean to replace loss of moisture for dry unruly thirsty hair.

Inner Strength 4-step

Cost | £4.95
Joico offers Kpak protein shampoo, cuticle sealer (for PH balance) kpak reconstructor, replacing protein to the inner core of the hair, kpak hydrating treatment conditioner. The difference is instantly amazing.


A Quickie

Cost | £2.95
Prescriptive shampoo plus joico kpak revitaluxe formulated with keratin peptide complex to deliver intense moisture to dry hair, leaving it strong, soft and supple. Your hair will be left 2x more resistant to breakage and colour fade will be protected by 94%.

Thin Is In

Cost | £3.95
Smooth Lock, smooth down for up to 92% frizz free for up to 48 hours. Humidity resistant, heat activated barrier to retain internal moisture whilst locking out frizz provides progressive conditioning strengthens hairs core and improves hair manageability.

BIG is Beautiful

Cost | £3.95
Adds weightless gentle cleansing which adds volume, movement and shine. Body full light conditioner enhances your hair making it full of life, shiny and tangle free. Dull lifeless hair is a thing of the past. This amazing formula contains polymers and carbohydrates which coat the hair and act as invisible scaffolding, promoting structure and control

Blow Me

Cost | £4.50
Prescriptive for your hair type which allows you to nourish, restore and reclaim control of your dense, dry, sensitised hair. Full range of texture and heat transforming products

Replenish = The Force

Cost | £4.95
For thinning hair. This 3 part process helps promote thicker and fuller hair. The products will intensify and nourish the hair and scalp. The shampoo detoxifies and gently cleanses your hair. Reducing the appearance of sebum and DHT. Step 2 Toner a lightweight nourishing toner that moisturises and strengthens your hair and replenishes the scalp environment. Step 3 The interforce scalp treatment is a liquid-to-foam product that energises the scalp leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Experience the Miracle of ‘Malibu C’ at The Salon…

Cost | Available from just £2.95
The Salon are thrilled to offer the MIRACLE Malibu C Prescriptive Treatments for performing hair, scalp and skin transformations to our Durham Hairdressers.

“It’s not what you put on your hair but what you remove that makes the difference”

Malibu C Hair Treatment | The History

  • Founded by a chemist and a colourist (Tom and Deborah Porter)
  • Established for 25 years
  • Clinically proven vitamin c crystal technology
  • Every colour technicians secret weapon

 Malibu C Hair Treatment | The Science

Malibu C Miracle Hair Treatment addresses the common challenges of stylist and clients, including;

  • Colour fade (particularly reds) and Hair Colour Correction
  • Poor grey coverage
  • Blondes become dull, reds become brassy
  • Hair lacks shine, feels dry and appears damaged

REDKEN Chemistry System

Cost | £5.95
The chemistry system by REDKEN pampers your hair and in 15 minutes and tackles a variety of popular hair issues. Redken chemistry uses an intense formula exclusively available at Redken Salons. With high levels of proteins and moistures and a shot phix 3.5 and 5.5 ph balancer, it works on symptoms, problems, needs and offers a solution.

redeken chemisty hair treatment

If you would like some guidance on what Specialist Hair Treatment would be best for you, visit our Durham Hairdressers today and one of our highly skilled stylists will be happy to help!

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