Skin Testing

Skin Testing Policy at The Salon Langley Park, Durham

At our Durham hairdressers, we follow a colour responsible policy for the safety of our clients and peace of mind of our stylists. Our highly trained stylists carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding skin testing. 

All hair colour products state skin testing MUST be carried out at least 48 hours before a colour service.

A skin test/patch test is simple and quick. All you have to do is pop into our Langley Park hair & beauty salon and a member of our team will dot a small amount of tint behind your ear to check for adverse reactions.

It is recommended to repeat a skin test if you do have a colouring treatment for a length of time, or if your health has changed.

We appreciate that many of our clients may have been colouring their hair for many years, however, the recent increase in the number of people experiencing reactions and sensitivity to hair colour and the severity of some of those reactions have lead us to adopt this responsible policy. 

In some severe cases, reactions can be life-threatening with allergic responses developing at any time, even if you have had your eyelashes, brows and hair coloured for a long period of time. The simplest way to avoid a severe allergic reaction is to have a skin/tint test.

Should you have any queries or questions regarding skin testing our stylists are happy to explain fully why we believe this is the responsible way to use hair colour.

We have the most up to date skin testing options available for our client’s safety and convenience including PPD and Ammonia free hair colour and scalp protection products. 

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