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Great Lengths Hair Extensions At The Salon, Langley Park, Durham 

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Our Langley Park hair salon is a certified Great Lengths Hair Salon in the Durham area.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions, can be used to add length, texture, volume or a simple pop of colour to your natural hair. We are specialists in applying Great Lengths hair extensions and can tailor a look that is bespoke to you.

The type of hair extension and fixing method you choose will depend entirely on the look you wish to achieve. We always recommend you book in for a free, no-obligation, hair extensions consultation so we can work out a plan for your hair.

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Great Lengths Hair Extensions At Top Durham Hair Salon

hair extensions at The Salon DurhamWe are proud to have 3 resident hair extensions experts at our Durham Hairdressers who are all fully trained in a wide range of services using Great Lengths Hair Extensions, including everything from hi-lights, flow strands, dip-dye effect, thickening service (adding volume and/or length), to the amazing full head application which can totally transform your look.

We are also fully trained in the ‘Semi-permanent Fast Track’, which can last up to 4 weeks, and is ideal for a fun flash of colour, especially during the summer months!

Our clients agree that we are the best hair salon in the Langley Park area for Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Easy Hair Colour With Hair Extensions

When it comes to choosing the colour of your Great Lengths hair extensions at The Salon – you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have a huge range of shades available. In fact, we have over 55 hair colours; including classic shades such as black, brunette and red, plus we have the latest balayage, pastel, ombre, and neon shades and a palette of blonde shades.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions 

At both our Durham hairdressing salon, we use the innovative ‘Cold Fusion’ hair extension application method. This is a single strand application which is both gentle and kind to your hair and will leave your hair looking and feeling totally natural. Using ultrasound technology, Cold Fusion uses virtually no heat and produces amazing results offering additional protection to those with finer, heat sensitive hair.

Whatever your style, you can be assured that at The Salon, our professional, friendly stylists are dedicated to working with you to achieve the look that you desire!

Longer Hair With High-Quality Hair Extensions

With regular maintenance, which includes brushing daily with a Great Lengths special hair extension brush, Great Lengths hair extensions will last up to six months. As your hair grows, the bond will naturally grow out with your hair.

You can have as many or as few extensions as you need to achieve the look you want – even a few simple strands can make a huge difference for either a splash of colour or a little volume. The possibilities are endless.

Are Hair Extensions Difficult To Style?

As Great Lengths certified stylists, however, we are thoroughly trained and assessed on all application techniques to ensure that the correct amount of hair is placed in the bonds, the bonds are the correct distance from the scalp, and the hair extension lies flat and comfortably in the hair.

Hair extensions that are placed too close to the scalp will not extend the life of the hair extensions, it will only result in pain, hair breakage, headaches and at worst alopecia. Because Great Lengths extensions are 100% human hair, they can be treated in just the same way as your own hair –straightened, curled, permed and even coloured.

Will People Be Able To Tell I Have Hair Extensions?

Great Lengths hair extensions are virtually invisible if placed correctly by a Great Length technician. The bonds are set close to the head and never at the hair part or the hairline. Because the extensions are set in rows, in the natural direction of your own hair, they are discreet and indistinguishable from your own.

You are able to wear your hair up, so long as you take a little care to make sure you haven’t pulled your hair back exposing a row of the extensions.

What Does It Take To Maintain Hair Extensions?

Great Lengths hair extensions require little maintenance, but like your own hair, to keep it healthy and looking good there is a little work. Brushing it regularly, wearing it up to sleep at night, and using Great Lengths Wetlines products will all increase your hair’s longevity.

Book Your Hair Extension Appointment At The Salon Langley Park 

Why not book in for a no-obligation consultation at our Durham Hairdressers? You can call our friendly & professional team on 0191 373 3366 or BOOK ONLINE.