Top Perming Services at The Salon, Langley Park, Durham

Perms have come a long way over the years and here at The Salon in Langley Park we offer texture perming, body wave, spiral or root perming using acid perms from Joico, alkaline perms and L’Oreal Dulcia perms. Ask your stylist for advice to get the perm you desire, especially for your hair. You may just want to add body to fine, limp hair, or create loose sexy waves, speak to one of our friendly professional team at The Salon and we will advise you on the best perm for your hair and lifestyle!

perming at The Salon Hair Salon in Langley Park, Durham

Root Perms

A root perm will add lift to the roots of the hair, these perms are ideal for flat and short hair.

Body Wave Perms

Body wave perms are great for women who want curly hair, creating more volume and movement to your hair.

Spiral Perms

A spiral perm will create curls with spring and bounce and your cascading curls can be sprung in various directions.

Texture Perms

A texture perm will add texture and soft waves to the hair for a modern, soft look.

So when your straight hair becomes boring to you, perms are a great way to change your looks, book a consultation today with one of our stylists at our hair salon in Durham. Call us on 0191 373 3366.

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