Permanent Waving & Perming In Durham At The Salon, Langley Park

Soft, natural-looking waves and curls can be yours with the all NEW American Wave Perming Technique available at our Durham salon. Perming services have come a long way in recent years with today seeing a new generation of perming techniques to achieve tousled waves and effortless soft beachy looks. 

The Salon is proud to be the first hair salon in the UK to be Certified in the NEW AMERICAN-WAVE PERM – call us today on 0191 373 3366 to book a FREE hair consultation with one of our perming experts.

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Permanent Waves & Curly Hairstyles

During your complimentary perming consultation at The Salon, your stylist will take the time to fully understand the look you want to achieve so we can create the perfect permed hairstyle for you. Afterwards, we will give you styling and product advice so you can keep your perm looking fabulous after you’ve left our Durham hair salon.

At The Salon, Langley Park we have a team of experienced and talented hairstylists trained to deliver the very best perms using the latest techniques including soft relaxed curls and modern beach style waves.  

The American Wave Perm at Top Durham Hair Salons

American Wave Perms are created by using an editorial hair setting technique to achieve fashionable looks, create soft, natural-looking waves and curl patterns for today’s style-conscious client. Whether you want to increase volume in your hair, fancy a curly hairstyle, or want to add loose waves to your hair, a professional perm at The Salon, Langley Park offers permanent movement & texture in the hair. 

The ionic waving lotion reduces stress on the hair, smoothes the cuticle, and encourages wave and curl patterns that are tailored to the characteristics of each person.

The system uses editorial hair setting techniques for fashionable looks. The ionic waving lotion reduces stress on the hair, smoothes the cuticle, and encourages wave and curl patterns that are tailored to the characteristics of each person. 

Read more about the American Wave Perm here.

Top Perming Services at The Salon, Durham

Perms have come a long way over the years and here at The Salon, we offer texture perm, body wave, spiral perm or root perm using acid perms from Joico, alkaline perms, and L’Oréal Dulcia perms. You may just want to add body to fine, limp hair, or create loose sexy waves, our friendly professional team at The Salon will advise you on the best perm for your hair and lifestyle!

Modern Perms to Create Loose Waves & Curls

If you are looking for a long-lasting curly hairstyle your options include:

Weave Wind: This gives your roots a lift and a kick rather than actual waves and curls.

Root Perms: A root perm will add lift to the roots of the hair, these perms are ideal for flat and short hair. we can now use a larger, bendy roller which is massive in comparison! This ensures a large curl or wave.

Body Wave Perms: Body wave perms are great for women who want curly hair, creating more volume and movement to your hair. 

Beach Wave Perms: Marries straight and wavy textures to create the sexy, tousled beach waves that are at the forefront of fashion and style.  (image on email)

Spiral Perms: A spiral perm will create curls with spring and bounce and your cascading curls can be sprung in various directions.

Texture Perms: A texture perm will add texture and soft waves to the hair for a modern, soft look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Perming

A perm, also known as a permanent wave, is where curls, waves and volume are added to the hair permanently.

With care your new American Wave Perm delivered by the perming experts at both our hairdressing salon in Langley Park will last approximately 3-4 months. this can vary depending on the length, type and wave in your hair.

You can have the new American Wave perm carried out 2-3 times a year. This can largely depend however on the condition of your hair.

Allow at least 48 hours after your hair perming service before shampooing.

Do not use a brush on your newly permed hair. Instead, gentle comb the hair when wet.

Refrain from using hair ties, metal clips and headbands for the first week after your perm.

Top Salon Reviews For Perming Services In Durham

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Salon Review
Lauren Sheperia
I can’t recommend Michael and this salon enough, I had a perm done here today and I was actually really nervous about how it was going to turn out but there was no need to be because my hair looks (and feels!) amazing! Michael sat with me for a full in depth consultation before doing my perm to discuss exactly what I wanted, how I style my hair, what products I use, what was important to me, and what he recommended to make sure I was 100% comfortable before he started. He was so knowledgeable about the whole process and how to treat curly hair in general and he talked me through everything as he was doing it and showed me how to style it myself so I could do it at home how he did. He also actually knew what the curly girl hair method was too which I was super impressed with! Everyone there was so lovely and accommodating and I had some lovely drinks while I was having my hair done! I’m absolutely over the moon with how my hair has turned out and I can’t thank you enough Michael it looks ten times better than I imagined it would! I’ll definitely be back here for a re-perm in the future!