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Men’s Hair Cuts & Styles At The Salon Langley Park in Durham

Looking for the best gents’ hairdressers in Durham? We offer tailored barbering, styling and hair colouring services for men. We can create a wide range of haircuts & styles for gents of all ages including classic short back and sides, modern skin fades and trendy beard and quiff combos.

Our focus is on creating a completely bespoke men’s hairdressing service for you to help you look and feel great.  

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Skin Fades Styles For Men

Skin fades and disconnected hair cuts are a popular choice for men’s hair.  As the name implies, we cut the hair short or shave it at the sides and back and leave some length on the top.  

If you ask for an undercut, the sides and back of the hair are either completely shaved or clippered to the same length all the way around.  With the fade, the hair gradually fades from longer down to shorter.  Your hair can then be worn in a quiff, slicked straight back, to one side or left long and floppy.

Classic Hair Cuts For Gents’

Short back and sides is an effortlessly cool gents’ hair cut. The hair is cut short on the back and sides and the length is left on top. We can also add a modern twist to a classic gents’ hairstyle by creating texture on top of the hair. By leaving more length on top hair can be worn textured giving a messy hairstyling effect.

Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair 

Long hairstyles for men can look super stylish and tailored to the individual.  We can add layers to create movement, remove bulk and add texture.

You can style a long gent’s hair cut slicked back with a deep side parting for a smart daytime look, or in a tousled, wavy style for a relaxed evening vibe. If you’ve seen a hairstyle you fancy, why not save the image and show it to your stylist so we can recreate the look for you? 

Modern Hair Cuts For Men 

Men’s hair cuts and styles are more versatile than ever so if you’re looking for a bespoke gent’s hairstyle or a classic men’s cut – we can help. We will suggest a hairstyle that will suit you, your hair type and your lifestyle.

Slicked back haircuts, men’s hairstyles with quiffs and smart, layered haircuts for men can turn the messiest of heads into a groomed professional hairstyling look!

Men’s Hair Colouring

There’s no reason why men can’t get their hair coloured, or even cover up some of those grey hairs, renewing that youthful look! We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of men having their hair coloured so you are not alone. 

We can create the latest men’s hair colour trends including the popular salt and pepper grey hair colour, highlights or even platinum blonde.

Please note: If you are new to hair colour, please book in for a skin test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment. Read more here

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