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unnamed (2)Welcome to The Salon, Langley Park’s Genius Bar – the place where we can solve all of your hair problems!

No matter what your hair worries are, we can guarantee you an expert stylist at our Durham Hair Salon who can find the perfect solution to solve all of your hair problems.

Our team of highly skilled, friendly professionals at The Salon, Langley Park are here to help salvage even the most extreme cases of dull, damaged hair.

We can give our expert opinions on how to give life to thinning hair, how to look after overly-treated hair, and much more….our team can also help out with horrifying hair colour disasters!

With free consultations available at our Durham Hairdressers, let us find you a Genius at The Salon.


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Your hair problems, solved!

geniusbar2Q. My hair is really dull and I have tried everything! How can I make it super shiny?

A. For a glossy mane, try squeezing a 5p size of oil into the palms, then applying from mid lengths to ends before your styling product on wet hair.

Blow-dry, then repeat with oil or shine serum for thick hair to medium hair types. Fine hair will need half the size of oil before blow-drying, and a light weight shine spray after blow-drying.

Q. My hair is super dry and unruly…help!

A. Deep conditioners pack a powerful punch because they contain high contraries of hydrating ingredients that really penetrate the hair shaft.

Daily formulas usually just stick to the surface of the hair, providing instant results but no long- term benefits. unless your locks are seriously dried out, you should use a deep reconstructor treatment only once a week. Reconstructors is protein which help rebuild the hair from the inside out over processed dry hair is lacking protein Joicos reconstructor will replace lost protein and you will see an instant result even after the first use.

155182_691683570870734_396916659_nQ. I get a trim every six weeks but still have split end, what should I do?

A. Those split ends are probably caused by excessive styling, (HEAT) especial if you have very fine hair or coarse hair, and can be remedied with some TLC. After shampooing, use a conditioner containing keratin protein which will coat hair to seal splits.

Also, a leave-in conditioner will help seal in protein and also help to protect from heat- styling, when wielding a blow-dryer, aim the nozzle at the roots and mid lengths part of your hair avoiding your ends so you don’t burn them.

Finally, lay off the flat iron use it only twice a week max and let locks air dry as often as possible.

Q. I am in serious need of a limp-hair fix! No matter what I do at the beginning of the day, my hair is totally flat at the end what should I do….?!

A. Flip your head over, shake out your strands then spritz with Redken pillow proof extend a volumizing dry shampoo and it has a style memory to push your style back into place, then add a medium hold hairspray and remain upside down for 30- seconds for the product to dry, once upright resist the temptation to brush it’ll just crush your body and volume.

10534610_746902675348823_3232553315292708318_nQ. I feel bad when I don’t buy the products that my stylist recommends from The Salon. Am I supposed to make a purchase on my way out?

A. If you trust your tress tamer, its probably worthwhile to listen to their product preference since they know your hair almost as well as you do, but don’t feel obliged to buy, your stylist knows your hair and what’s best for you.

To recreate your style at home they can match up with the right prescriptive products. This is just advice – the choice is always yours. The Salon staff are highly trained in product knowledge, and will offer you the best solutions for your hair cut or colour.

If you don’t like the salon prescription or you find it costly, just decline politely and no questions will be asked. Always remember its your choice and your budget and the stylist is only trying to help you and do there job more professionally.