ALL NEW ‘Splash-Lights’ at The Salon, Langley Park

The Salon, Langley Park Introduce NEW ‘Splash-Lights’ From 5th Avenue

23_Boldlights_Style_Gallery_454x555Are you ready to be ahead of the latest hair colour trends?

The buzz has started – be part of it at The Salon, Langley Park with the latest hair colour technique straight from 5th Avenue – ‘Splash-Lights’ by REDKEN.

Spring/Summer 2014’s hottest new hair colour trend is inspired by spotlight effects from the music and fashion scene.

Imagine a beam of light shining on the hair, fabrics that shimmer with a band of brilliance, high-gloss lips and nails with a light-reflective finish – that is the effect that this AMAZING new hair colouring technique has!

What are ‘Splash-Lights’?

It started with High-Lights, moved on to Ombré and Balayage and now…Splash-Lights.

This innovative range of highlighting techniques each create a band of lighter hair that stretches from ear to ear – a look inspired by a laser beam, with different looks to choose from depending on your own personal style!


Splashlights_Look_CrownlightsWho said roots are for covering up? A splash of hair colour at the roots – great if you want a bold and unique look.







Amazing on short hair! A shimmer of brilliance at the fringe—perfect for drawing attention to eyes and cheekbones. A placement of a lighter or darker colour in the fringe to give any style a different look.





Splashlights_Look_SpotlightsA new twist on ombre! A band of light woven through the mid-lengths—ideal if you want a natural look. Where you choose what part of the hair you want to shine!

The Salon team are very excited to be offering our clients these fantastic, inspiring new techniques and beautiful fresh colours. We can’t wait for you to try them at our Durham Hair Salon!


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