*NEW* Lissie Design Keratin Therapy

Lisse Keratin

The Salon, Langley Park Introduce NEW Lissie Revolutionary Smoothing Treatment

Is your hair curly, frizzy, or undisciplined?!

lissieIf you – like millions of other women – dream of being able to manage your hair without having to battle it out with brushes, hairdryers and straighteners to keep it smooth, tangle-free and in order…The Salon, Langley Park now has the ultimate solution for you!

Lissie Design Keratin Therapy is the brand new, Formaldehyde FREE smoothing treatment that leaves you with flawless hair…and more time for yourself!

This revolutionary progressive smoothing treatment ensures that your hair is smooth, silky, shiny and tangle-free, thanks to the combined action of KERA-COLLAGEN COMPLEX and precious BABASSU OIL Paraben-Free. Certified and in compliance with the most stringent international standards, this safe, flexible high performance treatment really is what you have been waiting for!


The Salon is sure you will be amazed at the results of the Lissie Design Keratin Therapy! This treatment does exactly what it says it does gives smooth, silky conditioned hair.

  • Suitable for ALL hair types
  • 100% safe, versatile and high-performance:
  • Smooth, velvety, glossy and tangle-free hair using an innovative Keratin-based technique
  • Lasting result (up to 3 months)
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Paraben-free

A little bit more about Kera-Collagen Complex and Babassu Oil

Complex containing Hydrolysed Keratin and Quaternised Collagen. The complex that guarantees long-lasting smoothness (up to 3 months). With the aid of heat, it reshapes the arrangement of the hair’s keratin chains, straightening them to give the characteristic smooth result.Babassu Oil is a precious oil with extraordinary emollient properties from the Amazon leaves hair soft, silky and shiny.

Check out this AMAZING photo of one of our lovely clients before and after a Lissie Design Keratin Treatment;

lissie before and after