The Arrojo American Wave

NEW American Wave Perm Available at The Salon, Langley Park

the all new american wave perm at the salon langley park

Soft, natural-looking waves and curls can be yours with the all NEW American wave perming technique now available at our hairdressing salon in Langley Park, Durham. Perming services have come a long way in recent years with today seeing a new generation of perming techniques to achieve tousled waves and effortless soft beachy looks. 

The Salon is proud to be the first hair salon in the UK to be Certified in the NEW AMERICAN-WAVE Perming Technique – call us today on 0161 736 3300 to book a FREE hair consultation with one of our perming experts. 

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What is the New American Wave Perm?

The American Wave Perming Technique is a professional salon service that allows your stylists to add volume, lift, texture and movement to your hair. The perming technique can easily be adapted to create any style and shape of curl you wish – from loose, soft waves to tight ringlets curls. 

Will the American Wave Perm Damage my Hair?

No. The great thing about this revolutionary perming technique from America is that it is gentle to your hair. A special ‘ionic wave lotion’ is used to soften the bonds of the hair ensuring that the perm is effective yet gentle and kind to your tresses. The American wave perm is ammonia-free and uses positive ionic charges to soften each strand leaving it looking and feeling healthy. 

How Long Will my American Wave Perm Last?

With care, your new American Wave Perm will last approximately 3-4 months. this can vary depending on the length, type and wave in your hair.  

How Often Can I have my hair permed?

You can have the new American Wave perm carried out 2-3 times a year. This can largely depend however on the condition of your hair.

After Care Advice

  • Do not shampoo hair for 48 hours after your hair perming service
  • Do not use a brush on your newly permed hair. gentle comb hair when wet
  • Refrain from using hair ties, metal clips and headbands for the first week after your perm
  • Apply a professional conditioning product if required
  • Do not vigorously rub the scalp when shampooing